SplitAlliance, part of the RecruitAlliance network, is a powerful split networking resource that you gain access to through a RecruitAlliance account. An account allows you to post an unlimited number of split fee jobs and gain access to our massive network of prescreened 3rd party recruiters. Your job openings appear next to employer-posted jobs that are also appropriate for recruiter engagement, and your account gives you the same job management and control as an employer. SplitAlliance encourages recruiter interaction and trust by allowing both parties to communicate freely and provides a platform for the transfer of information to be tracked, assuring both parties are comfortable before engaging in a partnership.

Mitigate your risk, track candidates, recruiter partners, and post an unlimited number of split jobs in one place and all for one low monthly fee of $75 per account, following a FREE 60-day trial.

Sign up for an account today to get started.

What is a split fee recruiting?

Split fee recruiting is an arrangement where one recruiter supplies the job order and another recruiter submits a candidate to the job from their RecruitAlliance account. The recruiting fee splits 50/50 between the recruiters, and RecruitAlliance does not take a percentage.

When does split fee recruiting make sense?

  • You can't find qualified candidates.
  • When a client gives you a job order outside of your industry specialization.
  • You have more job orders than you can work.
  • Converts a lost opportunity into revenue.
  • You have plenty of job quality candidates but not enough job orders.
  • You need a candidate from a specific geographic region.


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