About RecruitAlliance

RecruitAlliance has been connecting hiring companies with search professionals since 2000. Based in Jupiter, Florida, the company was founded by a group of recruiters who saw the need for a secure, web-based platform where employers can post their fee-eligible jobs for Agency Recruiters to fill quickly and more efficiently. Over the 16 years, RecruitAlliance has evolved to become an enterprise workflow and communication portal that ensures Employers gain access to top talent, while Agency Recruiters have a steady source of job orders from growing organizations.

For Employers, RecruitAlliance is a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy. Posting their contract and permanent, full-time jobs on the platform ensures they benchmark active and passive talent for their hard-to-fill openings, while streamlining the process of working with recruiting agencies. RecruitAlliance's suite of tools is free for hiring companies, and unlike other vendor management systems, RecruitAlliance incentivizes Agency Recruiters to submit their top candidates—because they earn 100% of the fee*.

Our goal is to provide Employers with an amazingly quick and efficient one-click control of the Agency Recruiters engagement process, easily customizable to align procurement, legal, HR, hiring manager and recruiting team standards, practices, and objectives. Members have the ability to create enterprise fee standards, with key-account flexibility to customize fee level by job requisition and Agency Recruiters, keeping recruiting project leaders in charge and able to optimize their Agency Recruiters recruiting spend. RecruitAlliance gives Employer Members the ability to track, monitor, and measure recruiting Agency Recruiters use, performance and spend in an open-market forum, and key-account flexibility to add and subtract Agency Recruiters on-demand to continuously improve Agency Recruiters-recruiting ROI.

For recruiters, RecruitAlliance is a truly merit-based service platform, where highly qualified Agency Recruiters—the vast majority of which are referred directly by Employer Members—compete to present the best candidates to fill open requisitions as quickly and efficiently as possible at Employer-set fee levels. Agency Recruiters members can login to submit their candidates in minutes, and once the Employer 'accepts' their candidate, have direct access to the name, email address and phone number of the internal recruiter managing the job. From this point forward, the Employer and Agency Recruiters work together directly. Once a placement is made, the Agency Recruiters invoices the Employer directly.

RecruitAlliance is proud to facilitate many successful business relationships between its Employer and Agency Recruiter Members.

* Does not apply to Managed Billing jobs.

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