About RecruitAlliance

RecruitAlliance is a SaaS global recruiter management solution, founded in 2001, specializing in helping companies of all sizes work with and manage 3rd party recruiters more effectively, efficiently, and affordably.

Conversely, Agency Recruiters benefit by getting access to multiple job orders, eliminating the need to cold call, timely feedback, a streamlined managed billing process, and a split-fee network.

For Employers: RecruitAlliance provides a consistent process to pool and manage 3rd party recruiters. Standardize recruiting fees, track hires, spend, and vendor performance - enterprise-wide. Ensure recruiters agree to terms and compliance requirements before a referral is submitted.

For Agencies: RecruitAlliance is a marketplace of Employers with job orders waiting to be filled. Simply log in, review the available job requisitions, and refer the most qualified candidates. Further, increase billings by posting split jobs and partnering with other Recruiters on SplitAlliance, part of the RecruitAlliance network.

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