Case Study: Wesco Distribution

Client Background:

WESCO Distribution is a leader in industrial supply with an extensive offering of electrical, data-communication, general maintenance, repair, and operating (MRO) and electrical OEM products. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, WESCO has approximately 7500 employees and is a Fortune 500 organization.

Previous Situation:

WESCO was interested in improving their ability to obtain valuable metrics and analytics, in the hiring process. As an organization, they did not have a standard third-party recruiting contract in place, and a fee had to be negotiated with each new relationship. Working with Vendors was very labor intensive making the entire process very inefficient.


By implementing RecruitAlliance, WESCO would be able to standardize its contract and fees, continue working with its preferred vendors, access a network of new suppliers, reduce cold-calls, manage all candidate referrals through a single portal, generate on-demand statistical reporting and track metrics.


During the first six months after implementation, WESCO posted 21 jobs, received 202 candidate referrals, accepted 28% of these referrals and filled 4 jobs. In just under two years, the company has received 990 candidate referrals and made 14 recorded hires. The company was also able to fine-tune their preferred Vendor relationships. More than 70% of the third-party recruiters were invited, made the strategic decision to join them on RecruitAlliance and, to continue their valued partnership. The organization has realized significant savings in fees, streamlined the process of working with Vendors, gained access to powerful reporting and analytics tools, and improved regulatory and contractual compliance.

Summary Total:

Recruiter Management has helped WESCO achieve necessary cost savings, increase candidate flow, gain critical data through on-demand reporting, and streamlined the process of working with third-party recruiters. In addition, WESCO is impressed with the level of customer support they received from their first interaction with RecruitAlliance, through the present. Their hiring managers are pleased with the level of professionalism displayed by each RecruitAlliance employee, as they have questions, concerns, or issues.

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