Case Studies


Jamie G., from the Southwest region of the U.S., has been a member for less than three years. Jamie has 45 candidates who were submitted and accepted by RecruitAlliance clients, and a total of 7 hires to date. Jamie has earned nearly 100K in fees, as of 2016.

in fees!

Specialized Search

Stacy P., from the Midwest region of the United States, has been a member for nearly four years. She has submitted 15 candidates who were accepted, and has had a total of 12 hires in RecruitAlliance. She has generated nearly 400K in fees prior to 2016.

in fees!

Pharmaceutical Recruitment

Scott W., recruiting for an agency in the Northeast region of the U.S., has been a member for 4 years. He has submitted 36 candidates, and of that total, has had six hires. Over the course of his membership, Scott has earned nearly 200K in client-paid fees.

in fees!



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