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Talent Acquisition Optimization Tool for Hiring Companies and Recruiting Agencies

RecruitAlliance is a powerful Vendor Management Solution and a comprehensive strategy for businesses who want to maximize their relationships with recruiting agencies. This web-based technology allows hiring leaders and human resources to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships, which will ultimately impact the bottom.

No-Cost Vendor Management System and Hiring Solution

RecruitAlliance can help you hire faster and more efficiently.


Reduce cost and systemize recruiting fees. Standardize your hiring organization’s contract terms. Every vendor agrees to your contract terms upon submission of a candidate.


Ensure your company is OFCCP compliant and help mitigate risk associated with using agencies. All activity is tracked and managed. In the event of an audit, we’ve got you covered.


Eliminate last-minute negotiations and surprises in the recruiting process. Vendors electronically agree to your set fee. Your expenses are tracked and managed automatically

Reduce Recruiter Cold Calls

Time is money and cold calls waste plenty of it! Automate the process of working with recruiting agencies, without spending countless hours on the phone. RecruitAlliance simplifies Vendor engagement and communication, yet allows you maintain and develop relationships with agencies who provide qualified candidates.

Powerful Reporting and Data

Choose recruiting partners based on results. Arm yourself with data that matters to assess recruiting performance. Generate a Monthly Hires report or create a customized report based on a different benchmark. Our analytics provide employers with the knowledge necessary to drive results.

Quality Candidate Flow

Get the talent you need, when you need it. Standardized, detailed job order forms, candidate filters, job access control and full-fee payout* give our recruiting agencies the information and incentive they need to be able to effectively help you.

* Does not apply to Managed Billing jobs.

Engage Recruiters & Hire Candidates Now!

Post your job for Agency Recruiters, and get results. Take control of your recruiting process today, with one contract – one fee. No more unnecessary phone calls or multiple contracts.
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