Membership Pricing

The RecruitAlliance network is supported using two different methods: Subscription membership and Managed Billing. All job orders are accessible via your active RecruitAlliance account. An account remains active for as long as Membership is paid. Even when your account is not active, you still receive personalized Job Alerts, email notifications about candidates that have already been submitted to job orders and remain part of the Agency Recruiter network. Some Employers use Managed Billing, which can subject any hires to a different fee structure. All Managed Billing jobs are prominently marked.


  • $75.00 / Month
  • $215.00 / Quarter - Save $10!
  • $420.00 / Semi Annual - Save $30!
  • $830.00 / Annual - Your Best Value $70!

Managed Billing

RecruitAlliance offers a Managed Billing solution for Employers that allows them to consolidate transactions and fee payment. If an Employer uses Managed Billing, it means that instead of invoicing the client directly, you invoice RecruitAlliance. Payment is made to you, within 3 days of the expiration of the guarantee period, assuming we have been paid by the Employer. Please refer to the Terms of Managed Billing, included with each Managed Billing job.


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